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2020 Local Scholarship Applications

Posted below are copies of ​local​ scholarship applications. Please check the requirements for each scholarship to see if you are eligible to apply. It is important that you follow the scholarship directions carefully and have answered all questions asked of you. Most applications will require an activity list and a personal essay related to the organization. Please put thought & consideration into these essays. Be sure to check all pages of the applications to ensure completion & required signatures.
You must complete the scholarship checklist and your selected applications, then submit the printed forms to your guidance counselor by the posted deadline. You must open the application with Kami to type your responses and save the document. Completed applications along with essays are to be emailed to your guidance counselor as individual attachments within one email.Your guidance counselor will attach your transcript as well as any recommendation letters that are on file in the guidance office. If the application requires a recommendation from an outside source (​community member, coach​) or a tax form, it will be ​your​ responsibility to attach it.
Monday, April 6, 2020
Regardless of any due dates you may see on the individual applications, ALL
applications are due to the guidance office no later than April 6, 2020.
No late applications will be accepted!