Field Day

Students are allowed to wear their class shirts for Field Day and school appropriate athletic bottoms. No cut out shirts, no tank tops, and shorts must be of appropriate length. Also, junior girls participating in the water balloon toss must bring an alternate shirt.

Field Day Event Descriptions

Water Balloon Toss

There are 4 pairs of tossers from each grade. You will stand across a certain distance from your partner and continue tossing the water balloon until it pops. Once it pops, you will be out and the last pair standing will take the win for their grade.

Tug of War

There will be a boys round, as well as a girls round. With 10 people on each side of the rope (each side representing different grades), the two teams will battle it out to see who the strongest is. Two grades will compete at once; the winners of each round will then compete for the victory, while the losing two teams will compete for third and fourth placements.

Relay Race (1x100)

Four boys and four girls are chosen for this competition. This is an official 1 by 100 meter relay race, where whichever team crosses the finish line first will be titled the winner.


There will be two lines of people in chairs (two boys and two girls from each grade), and when “trainwreck” is called, they get up and run to the other side to try to get a seat. Each round, a chair will be taken out so that there is one less chair than the amount of people competing. Compare this event to Musical Chairs...but with 16 people.

Bean Bag Relay Race

One person from each grade will begin to race while hopping in a bean bag. Once they reach their stopping point, the same bag will be passed onto the next member of their team. Once all three teammates complete their race, the first one to the finish line will be the winner.

Obstacle Race

This obstacle course will consist of four team members. This competition will be explained further on the day of Field Day, but make sure to pick four athletic people that are able to work well together!

Human Ring Toss

Think of the human ring toss, as a regular ring toss or horseshoe game...but with people. There will be one tosser with three others that they must throw rings over. The first team to complete this task will be the winner.

Dizzy Ball Challenge

Two people from each grade will have to spin around a baseball bat several times and then kick a football as far as they can. Whoever kicks the ball the farthest will be the winner.

Three Legged Race

With two teammates tied together by their ankles, they will have to move as fast as they can to reach the finish line. There will be three pairs to compete from each grade.

Hula Hoop Competition

There will be three competitors chosen from each grade and whoever keeps the hula hoop up the longest wins.

Any questions please see your class advisor.