Mrs. Quail and Mrs. Bennett Honored at Board Meeting

As part of the Board of Education's Showcase of Success at the April 19th Board Meeting, the Board of Education, together with Superintendent Jennifer Montesano, honored the Secaucus High School Teacher of the Year and Educational Service Provider of the Year.
The recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award was Social Studies Teacher Diane Quail while the honoree of Educational Service Provider of the Year was Paraprofessional JoMarie Bennett.
In the photograph above, Mrs. Quail poses with Ms. Montesano, High School Acting Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Daniela Riser, and Board of Education President Jack McStowe.
In the picture below, Mrs. Bennett poses with Ms. Montesano, Dr. Riser, and Mr. McStowe.
Source: Mr. Leite