February Principal's Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Our first semester has come to a close and we are all geared up for the final 90 days. There is much work to be done as students realize one half of the academic year of learning has taken place.
The students have been addressed on the first day of the new semester by Mr. Case and myself on accountability, responsibility, and maturity at each grade level. I have emphasized the need of getting to school and being here on time. We can all agree that it is of paramount importance that they get every opportunity to learn and to be on time and present for class. We must continue to maintain and improve our integrity of instruction and make every provision of services for our students. However, we must all strive together to achieve our goals. I have complete trust, faith, and confidence that we are all going to work together to make this happen.

I ask that everyone continue to monitor the students, their study habits, whereabouts, and give them all the care, love and attention they deserve. We live in a beautiful world plagued by some serious issues, and we all want the best for our students to provide a safe, secure, and academically stimulating environment.
There is a new trend affecting the teenagers of today. It is called vaping and it is making its way through the nation affecting adolescents. There is enough evidence to indicate that the total amount of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes can be found in a vaping device. New evidence shows vaping causes cancer. The human cells mutate faster than expected after exposure to e-cigarettes. We have stressed the importance of not doing it and I am hopeful they make good decisions.

We have increased our chrome books at the high school and have provided classrooms with more of them. This has enhanced instruction and is allowing us to come closer to our goal of one to one. The Promethean boards in some rooms were updated to a newer model that is computer based and academic friendly. The staff love the new features and so do the students.
I ask all parents/guardians to go to the parent portal to check the grading, attendance, and discipline records on a regular basis. You will get all the answers you are looking for concerning your child. The report cards will be online through the portal as of Feb. 6,2018. As we march into the third marking period, progress reports will be made available on March 6, 2018 through this venue.
The winter break begins on Thursday, Feb.15. It is a one session day, with dismissal at 11:40 am and we return to school on Wednesday Feb. 21. 2018. On that day there will be a morning and evening session for parents/guardians to hear about our AP program. The morning session begins at 8:00 am. and the evening session begins at 7:00 p.m in the Fishbowl room in the library.
The students have been informed,as well as all of you, that at the end of the year there will be exemptions from final exams for year round courses. This applies for senior/juniors only who have a yearly average of 94 or better.
If at any time you need me, please call me at school or email me your contact number.
Thank you for all you do and entrusting your child in our care.
In Peace,
Dr. Bob