Science Classes Visit the Liberty Science Center

Mr. Newman, Ms. Bennett, and Mrs. McKenna took the AP and Human Anatomy/Physiology classes to the Liberty Science Center in December.  The students met with a cardiologist who specialized in heart transplants and cardiac implants like ventricular assist devices (LVAD). The surgeon explained how a surgical transplant procedure is usually performed on patients with end-stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease after all other medical or surgical treatments have failed. One such treatment is the insertion of an LVAD or left ventricular assist device. This electro-mechanical device helps the heart circulate blood. It can be used to completely or partially replace the left ventricle in a failing heart.  

The cardiac surgeon was well spoken, extremely knowledgeable, and personable. She included actual footage of a heart transplant that was conducted on a local young (20 year old) man. The students were able to ask questions at any point in her presentation and several SHS students took the opportunity to ask meaningful questions.

After the presentation and lunch, the group explored the LSC including the touch tunnel and 3D fungus.