Class of 2020 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Valedictorian: Harris Spahic

As Valedictorian of the Class of 2020, Harris Spahic has achieved numerous feats never before seen. Having gone through the Secaucus Public school system since 1st grade, he has impressed even the most highly educated adults. Academic excellence is synonymous with Harris, who challenges himself and his peers with intellectual discoveries. Not only does Harris continually educate himself on various topics, he is the first to offer help to those who need it through tutoring and teaching. His most proud accomplishment was his role as a teacher of high level mathematics at City College of New York at the young age of 14. He has the special skill of creating new approaches to transform information, making it easier for others to understand. Harris’s career goal is to be involved in creating groundbreaking and innovative technology. In the fall, he will major in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he was accepted into a highly competitive program called LaunchPad.

Salutatorian: Olivia Fox

Olivia Fox is this year’s salutatorian who will graduate with a GPA of 4.501. She is a proud product of the Secaucus Public School System having attended Clarendon Elementary School, Secaucus Middle School and Secaucus High School.The second of two children, Olivia comes from a strong and supportive family structure where education, achievement and service are priorities. Personally, Olivia is intelligent, well rounded, articulate, assertive, responsible and sincere. She is an independent thinker and a problem solver; always thinking outside the box and solving issues as they arise.

Leadership is evident in Olivia.This has been obvious since the summer after her sophomore year when she attended the Harvard Summer Program about Public Policy Making. At Secaucus High School, she is Co-President of the Student Government Organization and an active member of the Junior States of America. At the JSA Conference, Olivia was elected to the prestigious post of Middle Atlantic States Governor; she is the first student from our school to achieve this post. In this position, she traveled to leadership seminars in California, Chicago, Texas and Washington DC and brought back exciting ideas to Secaucus.

At Secaucus High School, Olivia challenged herself by enrolling in the Stem Academy where she took some of our most difficult courses. In the town of Secaucus, she and a friend organized a tutoring group, Secaucus Math Academy, where they met and tutored students in math at the local library. Olivia is also very active in SAIL, our service organization. In addition, Olivia’s outgoing personality has allowed her to perform in our yearly plays. She is friendly and at ease with all types of people.

Next year, Olivia will attend Cornell University where she will study Policy Analysis and Management. She is excited about this endeavor and looking forward to her future career path.

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