AP Biology Attends the Sam Rhine's 2019-2020 Genetic Update Conference

Mrs. Edmund's AP Biology class attended Sam Rhine's 2019-2020 Genetic Update Conference at Ridgewood High School on Thursday, October 17.  The former Indiana University Genetics Professor spoke about producing human organs in laboratories, In Vivo CRISPR Technology, and stem cells, which are all current hot topics in biochemistry.  
Jelina Ventura, SHS Class of 2020, said "This experience got me excited about going to college to learn more about these topics. I felt like I was in a college lecture hall with a real professor."  
Mrs. Edmunds noted that the SHS students showed they are ready to go to college, where long lectures on detailed topics are the norm. "Mr. Rhine lectured for almost three and a half hours, covering cutting edge DNA technology in extreme detail. The advances made in just the last year in these areas are mind-boggling."
"It was facinating that technology allows scientists to make embryonic stem cells from adult somatic cells," said Mayelin Martinez, SHS Class of 2020.
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