Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Secaucus High School, a student must
1. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing & computation on a state standardized assessment by passing the requirements set forth by the NJDOE.
2. Complete 140 total credits
3. Satisfactorily complete all required courses, including
  • 20 credits of English aligned to grades 9-12 standards
  • 15 credits of Mathematics including Algebra 1 & Geometry. The third year of math is intended to build upon Algebra 1 & Geometry & prepare students for college and 21st century careers
  • 5 credits of Physical Education, Health & Safety for each year of enrollment
  • 5 credits of Visual and/or Performing Arts
  • 10 credits of World Language
  • 15 credits of Social Studies (1 year of World Civilization & 2 years of US History)
  • 15 credits of Science, including 5 credits in Biology/Life Science or the content equivalent; and additional laboratory/inquiry-based science course including Chemistry, Environmental Science or Physics; a third laboratory/inquiry-based science course
  • 5 credits of Life/Career Skills
  • 5 credits of Financial, Economic & Entrepreneurial Literacy