SHS Students Visit the Liberty Science Center

On December 14, 2017, some students from the anatomy/physiology and AP Biology classes visited the Liberty Science Center where they met Dr. Yi Horng Lee, a pediatric general surgeon at The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital which is a part of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick. Dr. Lee lectured on neonatal surgery, pointing out some of the differences between surgery on an adult versus a child versus a premature infant. Included in his lecture were video clips of the neonatal team he works with. Members of the team included nutritionists, respiratory therapists, and nurses. The students were highly engaged and asked several thought provoking questions of Dr. Lee.
After getting a group picture with Dr. Lee, the students were free to roam the Liberty Science Center. Some areas they visited were the touch tunnel, the Eat or Be Eaten predator/prey exhibit, and the iBeam skyscraper exhibit where some even braved walking on a real steel beam one story up from the ground. Mrs. Denise Edmunds and Mrs. JoMarie Bennett take these classes to the Live From Surgery series at LSC each year so the students get exposed to different careers associated with surgery. They believe the students should know that surgery requires more than a surgeon and believe that many Secaucus High School students would excel in these necessary and rewarding medical careers.
Pictures of the group, Kerry Mitchell talking to an ectotherm, and Sergio Castillo / Amanda Dehnert walking on the steel beams are attached.
Source: Mrs. Denise Edmunds
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